The Five Best Ways to Fight AIDS

When AIDs was discovered in the 80s, all people feared it. Anyone who had the disease faced stigmatization from both friends and family. Nobody knew of a way to help people who were flocking hospitals and dying rapidly. But as years went by, researchers discovered that there are some ways they could use to fight this infection.

Over 36 million people across the world live with HIV. While governments have spent billions of dollars to save lives, there is a need for everyone to take part in the fight against AIDS. In this article, I want to share the five best ways to fight AIDS.

Know your status

This is among the key ways to fight this deadly disease. Being aware of your HIV status places you in a good position to shield your health as well as that of your partner. It is important to make HIV tests part of your frequent checkups especially when you are HIV negative. Knowing your status is not enough. You should ensure your friends and all the people around you know their status.

Therefore, during your regular checkups, ensure you take a friend along. It will help know the next course of action regardless of the HIV status. Regular tests ensure that you detect the virus early and take the relevant treatment. As a result, you get to live longer even with the infection.

Be informed

It is embarrassing to speak about something that you don’t know about. Research about the facts about AIDS, its causes, and effects on humans. Being informed about the disease and knowing its ins and outs helps to speak from a point of knowledge during a discussion. It helps you to know better ways to protect yourself. It also assists you to talk without fear of misinforming others.

Speak up

If you find out that you are HIV positive, it is good that you reveal your status to friends and family. This will make it easy for you to engage in meaningful discussions about the syndrome. When you don’t talk about your status you are encouraging stigmatization. When you also don’t engage in discussions about AIDS, you are creating a good environment for the spread of the infection. Share what you with people around you and help them protect themselves.

Be a coach

The best way to fight AIDS is to become a mentor to those newly diagnosed with the disease. You can become their mentor by assisting them to get health insurance, secure housing, join clinical tests as well as other supportive services. By doing this you will assist them to live a better life even in their status.

Be a supporter of prevention techniques

You don’t have to be a doctor to do this. There are so many ways you can support the increase in prevention methods. For example, you could donate a trial to a clinic which runs the trial near you.

Most hospitals encourage people to use a condom. This is a good opportunity for you to support this method. You can do this donating a pack of condoms or more to the nearest clinic – read article about risk of getting hiv.


These are just some of the best ways to fight AIDS. But to ensure everyone is informed, parents and teachers should support safe sex education in schools.